Smart Security Technology

Security Solution

The solutions offer one-stop smart services, including smart modules, cloud services, apps, and the development platform, to empower traditional manufacturers to efficiently achieve smart upgrading at a low cost.


  • Wi-Fi Low-Power Fast-Connection Technology
  • Automatic Reminder of Device Offline
  • Real-time Weather Forecast
  • Wide Coverage of Functionality
  • Flexible Panel Configuration
  • Efficient Extension Development

Smart Electrical Technology

Plugs and Switches

provides solutions of a full set of wall-mounted switches, replacing the original wall series products. For a large number of installation scenarios in the stock market where there is no reserved neutral wire, Tuya provides solutions of smart switches (no neutral wire required) to replace the traditional mechanical switches in situ. You do not need to re-smash the wall and arrange the wiring.


  • Smart Scheduling
  • Electrical safety
  • Energy management
  • Plentiful smart categories
  • Various panel styles
  • Compatible with many types of switches
  • Powerful hardware and software functionality

Smart Remote Control Technology

Smart Remote Control

Smart Remote control adopts wireless communication technology, matches remote control code libraries in the cloud, and sends infrared commands to control traditional home appliances to achieve smart upgrades. Tuya provides standardized intelligent solutions and multi-category support for empowering stacked functional solutions to improve development efficiency, reduce development costs, and achieve rapid production.


  • Intelligent Traditional Appliances

The cloud-based code library can be used to match the appropriate remote control panel

  • Voice Control

Support various third-party voice services, become a home appliance that listens to you.

  • Multi-directional IR Control

It can effectively control infrared appliances within a straight line of 8 meters in a multi-directional, unobstructed environment.